Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Well, The First Line didn't take "The Man in the Long Black Coat", which I thought was a bit of a bummer. They had a few good things to say, though. Here's the rejection letter:

Dear Patrick –

Thank you for letting us read your story. After careful consideration, we’ve decided we won’t be able to use it in The First Line.


David LaBounty
Pretty good story, Patrick. Well-written and a good read.

Anyway, I'll take any praise I can get. I'm bound to get a break eventually with TFL, if only because they're getting tired of seeing my submissions.

My dad's a little better, but his health is still pretty fragile. He was feeling kind of bad again last night. Still, it'll take some time for him to get over the pneumonia he's been down with.

In other news, I've been working on a "Good Writing" set of entries that I'm going to post over here, so maybe you'll get a kick out of those. I believe that the first of the articles will probably go up on Friday, but details are sketchy. I'll try to get one of those out every week. It's been pretty quiet on all my blogs lately, so I hope I'm not whistling in the wind here. Take care, everybody.

Oh, P.S.: I'll be posting a re-jiggered version of my TFL entry on Wolf Steel soon, and I just posted a new poem over at Hawkcircle.

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Kelly Swails said...

Send that puppy back out again! That was a good rejection. Someone will pick it up.

Glad to hear your dad might be on the mend. Hang in there.