Sunday, July 01, 2007

Among the Remnants--Published!

A few weeks ago, I was invited to write a story for a horror 'zine called The Open Vein. They're just starting out, but Justin Burning, the editor, knows what he's doing. I wrote a story called "Among the Remnants" and sent it to him. Initially, I was to be in the second issue of the magazine, but one of the authors washed out, and I managed to squeak into the first issue, which is out now.

I'm very pleased with the content and layout of The Open Vein. Being able to have a story in their first issue is something I'm proud of. Having something like this fall in your lap is a fortunate event, and it makes me feel that all the work I've done online has been worth it.

Please check out my story and the rest of the first issue of The Open Vein here.

Cheers, everyone, and keep writing.

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