Tuesday, August 21, 2007

"Dayhunter" still looking for a home

Though I had high hopes, I knew that the place where I was submitting my novella, "Dayhunter" may not be disposed to accept that sort of fantasy fiction. In point of fact, they declined to publish my novella, though I think it's a heartbreaking work of unparalleled genius (grins). Unless I can find a good market for a "big" novella of 28k words or so, I'll have to consider folding the project into a larger work and presenting it to publishers as a novel. The story could continue. One or two more segments could be added, so that it would come up to a reasonable size for a full novel. In any case, I don't feel bad about the effort. I think the story turned out great, and I proved something to myself. As has been said, editors don't reject the writer, but only a collection of words on a page. I'm undaunted. Dayhunter will find a home, and people will read it, and then I'll have stalkers. Well...

I can assuage any hard feelings on my part by remembering that I have a few stories coming out already, and I have others that are neigh-ready to send off.

I hope you are all doing well. Good luck on all your projects.


Bobby-T said...

I'm surprised that "Day Hunter" wasn't snapped right up. Perhaps they were looking for something like a detective story. That genre seems to have attained a high level of popularity lately. I really enjoyed "Day Hunter" and would definitely like to see more of that sort of thing. I am also sort of left hanging by "The Man in the Long Black Coat" So many adventures, so little time..Alas

Patrick M. Tracy said...


I can only speculate what they were looking for. My feeling is that the publisher was looking for something more "foofy". They weren't terribly specific. Even if they had been, I think I would have written about the same story. My feeling was this: I'd rather write a good, strong story that I'm proud of and have it fail than write "to an audience" and have to apologize for it afterward, even if it succeeded.

I might revisit "...Coat" at some point, blowing it up into a bigger story. Anything's possible. You know me, always a million projects going.