Wednesday, January 02, 2008

"At the Lake House" posted on NBNS

Hey, Folks,

Hope you had a great holiday season, and that the new year will treat you well. I'm doing fine myself, back on the writing "horse" after a bit of a poor showing in November and December. If you're interested, I've got a new flash story at Nasty, Brutish, and Short called "At the Lake House". In the story, our lead character, Ellison, has got some dirty work ahead of him, and he's really not too pleased to do it. It's more of an "impending doom" story than one that gets right down to the ugly cut-and-thrust of things. Still, I think you may find it chilling.

I've written a few other stories within the last week or so, and I think they've turned out pretty well. A few of them will go up on NBNS at some point, but some are destined for other places. I hope to have a lot of good news about publishing credits and so forth as this year progresses. Although it seems there's never enough time to do all that I'd like to, I'm going to endeavor to bring as many of my projects to "full term" as possible in the coming zodiac stroll.

I wish you all well, and hope to see you around.

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