Monday, May 26, 2008

Chronicles of CONduit!

I just attended the CONduit Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror convention in Salt Lake. Had a nice time, got to touch base with a lot of folks I've already met and was able to meet some new people, as well. Among those who attend are Michael Stackpole, Brandon Sanderson, Paul Genesse, Eric James Stone, Julie Frost, Robert J. Defendi, Dan Willis, Julie Wright, Eric Swedin, and many more.

It was great to hear Mike Stackpole speak. He's always got insightful things to say, and it was neat to talk to him again (it's been since World Fantasy a few years ago).

My friend Paul Genesse was there showing off his first book, The Golden Cord. It just came out, and he's wrapping up a book tour for it. Since I have been there since the first seeds of his writing career were planted, it's great to see that he's succeeded. I'm very proud of him. He's a stud, and his hard work, tenacity, and smarts are always insipring to me.

If you live within driving distance and like speculative fiction, coming to CONduit is a fun weekend. I recommend it, especially if you're a Mountain West writer who wants to get "known" in the scene.

The panels I went to this year were good, and it was a fun atmosphere. The costumes designed and shown for the masquerade were amazing, as well.

Anyway, that's news. Hope to have more soon.

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