Monday, May 25, 2009

ConDuit Wrap-Up

ConDuit De-brief:

Well, I had a good time at ConDuit this time around. Friday was primarily taken up by going to Paul Genesse's book release party for "The Dragon Hunters" which is the second book in his Iron Dragon series. Paul, as per usual, did a great job of orchestrating the party. It was well attended, and he sold a lot of books, not to mention putting out a great spread. He's a star.

I had a great time, especially on Sunday, when it seemed as if I was able to hit my stride in terms of talking to great fellow writers and generally not being a wallflower. Friends I caught up with: Chris Cook, Julie Frost, Larry Correia, Eric Swedin, Aleta Clegg, Rebecca Shelley, Eric James Stone and so on. I got the first of Howard Tayler's Schlock Mercenary books, as well as Rebecca Shelley's new Brass Dragon Codex (written under R.D Henham). Met many new people, had a generally good time.

Dave Wolverton/Farland gave a neat main address about genetic memory and what makes some stories eternal. He talked about how certian stories are sort of hard-coded into our genes, and that we'll always respond to some things, like the hero's journey and so on. Good stuff. Went to other good panels. I'm choosy now, but I found a few each day that I could sink my teeth into.

Always glad to go and see that the local "scene" is up and running. Whenever I can talk to other writers, it rejuvenates me and makes me want to get in there and write myself.

Speaking of that, I inadvertantly started the sequel to "Dayhunter". So far, our little "pride" has gotten part way to the promised coastal city they were headed toward last time, and they've already gotten into big trouble, as if nature herself were opposed to them having a nice old time. Who wants to read about characters having a nice old time, anyway? Readers are mean. They want blood and sweat and the feeling that all is lost, forever. So, I'm just the sadist to make that sort of stuff happens (it's a job skill--writers have to be evil to their very core--I bet you didn't know that).


I need to get on the stick and do my final hocus pocus over "The Settled Dust". It's time I get it finished and put it before someone's eyes who might be interested.

I have some stories that are languishing. Like--three, four, five? They need to be out there panhandling for money and possible fame/glory/immortality/vague notice.

Too many projects hanging fire. Have to pick one and get it to some rational state of completion, and thus be able to submit it somewhere. Now, armed with my netbook-of-ultimate-power, I have no reasonable excuse.

Alright, then. Next time, maybe some computer geekery as I talk about my experiences with my EeePC and Ubuntu UNR. Also, found a neat record on Magnatune. Have to download it, then give you one of my handy-dandy flash sample thing-a-magiggs.

Farewell. Do not let your pen rest until it has made some wonderous, indelible mark upon the face of the world.

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