Thursday, October 29, 2009

Day of Days

Yesterday was a day of days.

That's right. I said it. Here's why. I was going through the final day of Internet Librarian 2009, and it started out with a fabulous keynote. It featured young kids that make you feel that there's still hope for human society, that there are still great young people coming up through the system. Later, I had a great dinner with my IL 2009 comrade, Josh H.. Fish and chips right at the edge of the ocean, looking out over the water. We saw a sea lion just swimming along in the water, trying to bite sea gulls, stuff like that. We talked about feats of strength, literature, and heavy metal. A well rounded conversation, as the whole day was well rounded. It was like the Greek ideal. Mental stimulation, and physical exertion as well.

When we got back from the final day of the conference, we went out into a nearby park and lifted kettlebells for about an hour. It was intense! I nearly barfed coming back, but (if you can understand) in a good way. We walked downtown in the evening to get our legs back under us, and it was so nice, with the sea air and a light breeze. I, of course, had to do my work-related blogging, and then I settled down with the book I'm reading, Monster Hunter International, by Larry Correia. The book is great fun. Fast moving, and packed to the gills with monster smashing, firearms toting goodness.

When I'd had an hour to relax, I had to tie one last bit onto the day by bending, straightening, and re-bending nails until they broke in half. I broke two and bent a third a few times before my hands were too tired to continue. When I get home, I'm going to get some nail stock and really get into it. This "short bending" thing is addictive. If you're interested in learning about grip strength and bending, you'll want to pop over to the Ironmind Website, or Gripfaq to learn more. It's certainly not for everyone, but, yeah, I fear that it is for me.

I'll be online, blogging about World Fantasy very soon. I'm driving up to San Jose later this afternoon, after checking out Monterey's (from what I understand) famous aquarium.

Take care, and try to have your own day of days!

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