Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Chromium Vanadium Steel vs. Oafish Might

Oafish Might for the win!

My boss had the hand wrench shown in the following pictures, and while working had somehow gotten a screw head hopelessly lodged in the tool. He said something like, "here, bend this." I went for it. In a braced bend (thigh), the tool didn't stand a chance. It made a twig-like snap.

Here are pictures, as well as an updated photo of my "cup 'o nails". Cheers!

It snapped inside the handle.

Chrome Vanadium isn't very flexible. The tool only
deflected a few degrees before snapping.

Beware the oafish hands!

Cup 'O Nails, with a whole slew of 60D nails,
a grade 5 bolt, and the broken tool:

Well, I hope that was fun. I enjoyed posting it.

Peace, love, and twisted metal!

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