Monday, October 18, 2010

You, too, can bend a nail!

Hey, Folks. I've been busy posting more videos, and these include a series that gives you the basics of bending nails (or any short steel), in case you're inclined to take up the hobby. The video below is the first of four instructional posts, and there's also one of me just bending a whole passel of nails to the groovy sounds of Bolt Thrower's "K Machine". That one might scare your co-workers or the family pet, so watch the volume. If the video below doesn't suggest the others in the series, you can see all my videos by going to YouTube and typing in thorwulfx1 into the search.

Happy viewing!


Anonymous said...

I've watched a couple of your nail bending vids as well as Josh's vid of Turrettes and his 500# deadlift.

Patrick M. Tracy said...


Glad you liked the vids. I hope that they'll help some folks who want to get into it, or just help their confused relatives and friends understand what's going on, with the red face and grunting. I encourage anyone to watch Josh's videos, as they're can be both inspiring and humorous.

Christopher said...

Well done Pat! Very informative and you have a great teaching presence. I also enjoyed hearing Mere cooking in the background along with Yuri adding colour commentary.