Monday, November 01, 2010

World Fantasy 2010

Had a great time at WF this year. Roomed with my friends Paul Genesse and Brad Beaulieu. Hung out with too many awesome people to easily recount, including my friends Ken and Kelly Swails. Brad B.'s book, Winds of Kahalakovo (sp?), is coming out on April 1st (no joke). He, Kelly, and Paul did a joint reading from the book, and I think it's going to be beautiful, action packed, and generally going to kick major ass. Pick it up, if you know what's good for you.

Went to many great panels and readings, including one on Icelandic lit, which was very informative. Dug the readings I went to, including a big battle-royale reading by a bunch of the Black Gate writers. That was fun, and kept me out of noisy parties all evening.

I'm pretty charged up about the whole thing. Only downside to the whole trip was the travel part, wherein it all turned pear shaped. I'll recount that episode on another day, probably, except for the part the Paul G. and I swore would never be spoken of again.

In any case, I'll end here with another video, this one of my "Serenity Bend", where I get all Zen-like as I squash a nail, or something.

Hope you're well, and you dig the video.

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