Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Have You Seen Me?

Yeah, so...I've been missing for a while. Like, face on the milk carton missing. I just noted that it has been two months to the day since my last post. Bad, bad blogger. For shame.

I have to admit that almost all my writing effort has been in the non-fiction vein over the last little while. I've been cuckoo for my new venture The Caveman Gym. In fact, I actually have even had a guest post at my friend Josh's website, The World's Strongest Librarian. Click on this sentence to read it.


  • Had a birthday
  • Visited with my mom for the first time since the Reagan Era
  • Hit some of my workout goals
  • Shot video
  • Done lots of dumb ass stunts, many caught on said videos
  • Gotten so tired I almost called in sick from work a few times
  • Gotten over it
  • Attempted unsuccessfully to do it all over again
  • Really gotten back into playing guitar
  • Built up a full 80 posts over at Caveman Gym, soon to be more
  • Been frustrated by the rain
  • Built shelves
  • Fertilized the lawn and killed the dandelions (ish)
  • Wrestled with my friend Chris and skinned my knee and elbow
  • Concocted more stunts I'm hoping to show you
  • And...oh yeah, not really had much success writing any fiction

It'll come back, I know it. I just have to make the time and put my butt in the chair with fingers on the keyboard. It's not as if my typing mojo has gotten weak. I almost always find myself writing at least a few thousand words a day. Just not the fiction words.

As for old business, it appears that The Crimson Pact is doing fairly well, and the reviews seem to be overwhelmingly positive. I have to get a wiggle on finishing my submissions for the next anthology, or I'll miss it.

Finally, I'm going to be at ConDuit in SLC this weekend. I think it'll be fun. I'll get a chance to catch up with my writer friends, who are hopefully getting more "actual" writing done than I am.



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