Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Crimson Pact, Volume Two is out!

The new Crimson Pact anthology is out and available at all the finest online retailers. This anthology is even weightier than the previous one, at over 150,000 words. Many of the authors from volume one are represented here, often writing sequels to their earlier stories. Again, we're proud to have Larry Correia, New York Times Bestseller (multiple times), amongst our authors.

My story, Red Bandanna Boys, is also featured. I'm pretty proud of this tale, and hope you folks dig it. In an alternate earth, demons have caused World War One to rage for 37 years. The characters in the story find themselves in the wreckage of the Russian Empire, struggling against a powerful demon who rules their slum. Though the Red Bandanna Boys are only homeless street kids, they never quit fighting!

Here's an excerpt:

Nevsky and Carver stood in the back of the wagon, shoveling fish guts and other remainders of a day of butchering into the Blue Nile. This was how their day of work ended, with the hardest and stinkiest task of all. The crocodiles knew this spot well, and hundreds of them rose out of the darkness of the twilight waters to gulp down on the best bits. Scavenger birds circled the shoreline, snapping up anything they could get. Wild dogs prowled the upper bank, mean enough to kill if you weren’t careful. The place smelled of rot and shit, and no one lived nearby for a good reason.

For a few hundred meters, the thick vegetation that crowded the river bank had been hacked away, leaving open land where every edible remainder was dumped. On the opposite bank, the trees and tall bushes were green and dense, mysterious as the surface of the moon.

Carver, like most of the boys, had never left the city, never seen anything beyond its sweltering streets and the arid industrial areas beyond.
When there was enough light, he would sometimes stand in the cart, looking out there into the old land, the real Nubia. He would wonder what things could have been like for him, had he lived in better times. Mostly, though, he would shovel, awaiting the time he could lay his tired body down and rest.


To find out more, go to The Crimson Pact Website, where volume one and two are both available, in addition to special editions of each, which feature author commentaries about the writing process and their experiences with the anthology. A print version of Volume One is also available from

Amazon, Barnes and Nobel, Goodreads, and other online e-book sellers also feature the anthologies, though I recommend buying from our website, as you get all the formats downloaded for one low price, as well as allowing the authors to get a better cut of the profits.

Don't let the demons overrun the universe! Swear the Crimson Pact!