Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Hello, all.

I survived the holidays (well, New Year's is still looming, but I'm too boring to do anything for that anymore, so I think I'm safe!). Contrary to all my big plans, the frantic consumerism and hectic scheduling pretty much knocked me offline for the bulk of this month. I haven't been totally worthless, but I've fallen behind a bit. That, I suppose, is what the whole New Year's Resolution is there for. Well, ahead of time--mine will be to get back into writing fiction with a great fury and terrible vengeance. That, and to do all of the other things that I should be doing, whatever they may be. Still working on the whole cloning thing. I need more of myself. Better yet, I need more of other, more productive and responsible people! Hmm...

I hope everyone who comes by and reads this is doing well, and has not approached the dread cliffs of bankruptcy in an effort to get everyone the presents they wanted. Here's to hoping that the next post will reveal that I have done marvelous things at record speeds, and that I'm well on the way to international fame and fortune. Or, at least, that I haven't been run over by a car or come down with scurvy.

Peace on Earth, good will to Lemurs!


Kelly Swails said...

Dude. I'm cyber-naging you. King Snake. King Snake.

MB said...

Patrick, Happy New Year! May it be bringing you good things already.

I thought of you today when I read this. I hope you'll get a smile out of it as I did:

Firehawk said...


Your cyber-nagging is noted. King Snake. King Snake.


Thanks for the Happy New Year's wishes. The same right back at you. I got a 404 error on that link, so they may have taken that page down or rerouted it before I managed to get around to looking. Thanks, however. I'm sure that the page would have tickled my fancy.

Thanks, everyone, for coming over.