Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Of Oafish Might and Unfounded Enthusiasm

Hey, folks.

My story, "Kicked in the Teeth Again" is going to be featured in the Christmas issue of The Open Vein in December. Just signed the contract a few days ago, and I'm pretty pleased about the whole thing. Before you ask, Justin Burning, the editor of The Open Vein, is not an old school chum or anything. He just seems to like my stories (which I think is great). Anyway, that's news on the publishing front. I have another story that's been passed on to the second round of editorial consideration, so I'm hoping that I get the "green light" for that one in November. Stay tuned for news.

I'm going to World Fantasy (the convention where all the cool geeks go!) next week. I had such a great time last year, and I think this year will be even cooler. Being around all the writers just gets me jazzed up to write and submit more material. Writers, in general, are really giving, friendly, and accessible. Go to a big convention, and pretty soon, you're having dinner with a bestselling author, getting the straight dope about the industry. It's eye opening, sure, but it's also so great to see that these are real people with real lives, people who have paid their dues to get their glory. I'll gush and blather more about the Con when I get back.

It's been a busy week for me. Not much sleep. Worked a really long day yesterday--left the house at 7:45 and didn't get back until 9:20 that night. Somehow, I found the fortitude to do a final edit on a story I'm sending in to a local organization that's promoting reading for young people. Yet again, trying to live life to its fullest.

Hope you are all well. I'll check back in, probably in two weeks.


DaisyDeadhead said...

Hope you might consider Dragon*Con next year, Labor Day weekend in Atlanta... it my first time attending and it was TOTALLY INCREDIBLE. I just loved it. Lots of opportunities for promotion; for instance I posted a link on virtually everyone I personally talked to, as did a lot of other bloggers.

Awesome experience! I'd love to attend World Fantasy.

Patrick M. Tracy said...


Thanks for suggesting DragonCon. I've heard that it's pretty neat. It's impossible to go to as many cons as I'd like, of course. Too few vacation days, too little money. Still, I'll give it a look-see.

As for World Fantasy, I'd highly recommend it. It's THE PLACE for speculative fiction writers, if you're serious about getting published.

Thanks for coming by!