Wednesday, January 09, 2008

"Radio Zombie Free Denver" featured at Tales of the Zombie Wars!

Hey, folks,

Just thought I'd share my new, small victory with you. I have a story called "Radio Zombie Free Denver" featured at a site called Tales of the Zombie War. It's the second story I've had featured there. Considering the holiday season's just over, I'm glad to have something to talk about, something getting out there. Anyway, the story's in the form of a radio transcript wherein a guy who's survived the holocaust that destroyed society as we know it. He's spinning the tunes, talking about the events of the day, and hoping that anyone might contact him. Think "I am Legend", except with a real radio DJ.

Hope you get a chance to take a look. Take care, everyone.


Kelly Swails said...

Dude! Looks like you're racking up the credits! Congrats!

Patrick M. Tracy said...


Weedy as my efforts have been, I've managed to rack up a few minor accomplishments.

Thanks for coming over! Love the new website.