Sunday, September 21, 2008

MountainCon Debrief

I went to a local Sci-Fi/Fantasy convention, MountainCon, this weekend. It took place in Layton, Utah, which is a few miles north of Salt Lake City. It's a fun little 'con, and I really enjoyed myself. I was able to speak on eleven panel discussions, which was really a neat experience. I met a great number of mice people and found myself on panels with many very talented writers. There were several notable individuals at the convention, including Brandon Sandersen, who is finishing the Wheel of Time books in the wake of Robert Jordan's death. Celebrity guests included Penny Johnson Gerald, who starred as the presiden'ts wife on 24, as well as Cpt. Sisco's significant other on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

I found myself hanging around with my friends Paul Genesse, Julie Frost, Thom Allen, JoSelle Vanderhooft, and Eric James Stone, all of which are great people. I didn't get to attend many events, since I was busy with my panels (probably over-committed, in hindsight), but my feeling about the convention is that it turned out well. I hope that they're able to keep going and have the fifth installment of MountainCon next year. If you get a chance to come, I'd suggest it.

Hope everyone's well.

Note: The previous post was the outline I used during my panel on writing flash fiction. It is also available as a page on my Nasty, Bruish, and Short site. Hope it was interesting to you.


Anonymous said...

It looks as though you're becoming more readily recognized at these conferences and that your input is well respected. I sure hope that that is a harbinger of bigger and better things for you in the very near future.

Patrick M. Tracy said...


It was a fun little convention. Being on the panels was neat for me. Because I've done a bit of teaching, I find it pretty easy to be in front of a group.

Glad you liked my Fundamentals of Flash segment. The panel seemed to go over well.

As for bigger and better things, we'll see. I've been going through a slow phase with my writing, but I hope to have things pick up in the near future.