Friday, October 17, 2008

New "Settled Dust" up at Hawkcircle

Hey, Folks,

I know that I've been pretty quiet around here lately, but if you're still lurking around and wondering if I've quit the blogging deal altogether, that would be a big, fat NO. I just posted the next part of "Settled Dust", my Haibun cycle. This one's part 16, and the journey is nearing its conclusion. I know, I say that every time. I have probably two more segments to go before the ultimate conclusion of the online tale, all of which is available if you go to Hawkcircle and click the "Settled Dust, Collected" link.

Once I finish the story (which I consider a "rough" version of what I'd like it to become), I'm going to put the whole thing together and do a thorough edit, making things consistent throughout the story, as well as improving narrative flow and thematic progression. I know that I'll be adding at least a few extra segments when I dive back in. While I think the piece works at the moment, if I want it to have a good dramatic structure, there are a few things that'll need to happen during the course of the story. Don't worry, though. The parts I'll be adding it will just make things tougher for young Haike and his mistress.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the newest "Dust". Take care. Please remember to exercise your right to Vote in the upcoming elections.

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