Sunday, October 19, 2008

New story: "Signing Off" up at Tales of the Zombie War

Hey folks,

I have a new story up at the Tales of the Zombie War site. It's called "Signing Off", and it's part of the ongoing "Flashover" storyline I've been working on, wherein the human race is decimated by a mysterious light in the sky. The few survivors are locked in a struggle with the walking dead, while most people were instantly reduced to ash. Fun stuff.

This particular story is a first hand account of the brutal fight with the staggering legion of the dead, spoken into voice recorder during the last minutes of an academic's life. It's a little more flowery than my standard zombie stories, but I hope you'll read and enjoy. Please check out Signing Off HERE.

I hope everyone's well. I like to think I'll have more to report here before too long...

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