Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Writing Update; Shiva In Exile

Hey, Folks:

Here I am, with a little update on what I've been doing.

1) I have two short stories and one poem submitted at this moment. I hope at least one of them "pops".

2) I'm working on a few other stories, as well as putting the final touches on "Dust". I know, I know, I'm dragging my feet with "Dust", but it's been such a long term project, it feels like I have to give it time to breathe before I do my final run-through. Or, I'm just lazy. One or the other.

3) I got a new laptop. A "netbook" in reality. It's a Dell Inspiron Mini 10. Very clear screen, great wireless stability, touch-type capable keyboard (even for huge fingers like mine!). Downsides? Yes. It's not upgradable, for one thing (should have done my homework instead of saying, "Ooh! Look at the pretty!") Also, it uses a weird video chip (Intel GMA 500) which is not supported by the newer linux distros. I found out about this a few days AFTER I installed Ubuntu UNR 9.04 as a dual-boot. The distro works, technically speaking, but it can't support the video card, and this causes the screen refreshes to take FOREVER. Plus, it squanders some of the small screen real estate with a bad horizontal pixel count. Oh, well. Back to the XP partition (which is working peachy keen, by the way, thanks for asking.) I could install a hacked/worked version of Ubuntu 8.04, which is supported by Dell, but I'm waiting, hoping that they may created a workaround for a more recent distro. That, or I'll blow away the partition and just settle for Wynders. Probably should have spent the extra 40 bucks and gotten an Asus EEPC 1000 HE. It's the better machine, with monster battery, upgradable RAM, and so on. Grrrr!

Okay, now onto a purchase I don't have any qualms about: Here's a disk I got from Magnatune. If you like Dead Can Dance, Vas, or vocal Mid-Eastern stuff, you might dig Shiva in Exile.

Nour by Shiva in Exile

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