Thursday, January 21, 2010

News of the Day

Here goes:

1) Can bend a 60 D nail together with a 20 D nail. So far, have failed at 60 + (20 x 2).
2)Have started my routine with sandbag lifting. Have only positive things to say about regimen. I think that bag lifting is probably as effective as any form of dynamic lifting I've tried. It's cheap, too. Bags of baked sand are around four bucks, and getting a few sturdy duffle bags won't run you more than twenty or thirty at the military surplus store. I've also been using sand-filled large buckets and a cinder block for warm-ups and pinch grip work.
3) Recently finished a draft of a story for The First Line called "Don't Explain" (working title). I have it out for constructive critique at this moment.
4) I've been super-busy. My dad's been having health problems, and I have had to re-work my schedule to allow me to help him get to doctor's appointments and so on.
5) Listening to "Pegasus Descending" by James Lee Burke on Audiobook. Another winner from an author with seemingly limitless firepower.
6) Reading "Lightbreaker" by Marc Teppo and "The American Girl" by Monika Fagerholm. Lightbreaker is interesting, if a little heavy on the theory. The American Girl is a challenging but somehow magical story thus far, with non-sequential scenes, surreal moments of stream of consciousness, and views of the events from a variety of characters. Check my Goodreads for more info when it becomes available, I guess.

...and that's the news.

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