Saturday, January 02, 2010

Update from the perpetually derelict blogger

So, the holidays happened. Thanksgiving sucked, but Christmas and New Years were pretty good.
My dad's health, though it's been rocky, is fairly stable at this moment. I'm doing all right, though my ability to do writing work hasn't been so great for the last little while.

A story that I collaborated on with my friend, Paul Genesse, is in the hands of the editor who requested it. I hope she digs it. Paul and I were jazzed about how it turned out. I have a few other stories that I need to get hammered out and finished, though the writing impulse has not exactly been a steam hammer lately.

Watching: The Complete FarScape
Reading: James Lee Burke, Robert B. Parker, MLN Hanover, H. Rider Haggard, John Ringo...

Bending/Crushing news:

I bent 10 60D nails in 1 minute, 42 seconds today. It's a personal best, since I've never done ten straight, let alone on the clock. Not bad for a guy who's only been bending for a few months.

I have successfully closed the Captains of Crush #2 grippers (195lbs/hand) with both hands. The other day, I got two authoritative closes with each hand. Today, after my bending antics, I got ten straight closes with each hand with the CoC #1.

What does all this goofy crap do? Well, I can tell you that, while at the pistol range the other day, the recoil impulse of a full-load .357 Magnum didn't even blip my wrist. If you need to do things where your wrists control chaotic movements or have to soak up big jolts, this grip/wrist strength stuff can really have an effect. Even if you're "gym strong", the deep, tendon and ligament strength that bending unlocks can make a big difference. I won't lie. It hurts at first, and whenever you really push to the next level, but I think that the reward makes it worth it.

Well, that's it. Sorry that I'm so bad about updating. No excuses. Hope you're all well.

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