Thursday, June 03, 2010

Here's an update, folks:

1) I've been doing better, recovering from the stress toxicity of caring for my dad in his final days. I've been chipping away at finishing a lot of projects that have been hanging fire for months or even years. The atmosphere is getting better in the house.

2) I've lost weight. I'm as light as I've been since half way through college, and it's good. It's a start. I'm hoping to get down to my high school weight by the end of the summer. That would be, at this point about 17 to 20 more pounds. I think it's do-able, and also an important thing. I don't want to carry as much weight as I've been carrying over the line into my 40's.

3) I went to the CONduit convention this last weekend and had a great time. It was fun to hang out with my writer friends Paul, Larry, Julie, Eric, Eric, etc... I think that being around them, hearing their stories and trevails, has really gotten me back into the mindset of writing.

4) I'm (at long last) finally finishing the work on a story that Paul Genesse and I are collaborating on. The family chaos has kept me from working on it for a while, and we're woefully late. It's basically all my fault, and for that, I don't feel too hot. Still and all.

5) I've been revisiting some of the projects of (literally) yesteryear. I hope to finish a great big hulk of a zombie story this week or thereabouts, because my writer friend Julie is about ready to strangle me like a chicken for making her wait. So...if I don't post again, you'll know what happend to me, and who the prime suspect may be.

6) Sorry that I've been so remiss in posting. All the usual self-serving rhetoric and lame excuses apply.

7) Hope you're all well (if there is even a plurality of readers at this point, after my poor showing over the last...long time.


Oh, P.S.:

My hand workout as it stands:

Bend nails to taste (Recently 21 consecutive 60D nails; yesterday 5 Iron Mind Yellows (both overhand and underhand fold)
12 reps with COC #1 (both hands, alternating)
6 reps with COC #1.5 (as above)
3 reps with COC #2 (3 successes w/right; 2 w/left)
6 sets of 10 reps with COC "Sport" normal grip (alternating hands)
6 sets of 10 reps with COC "Sport" (open side up; alternating hands)
Standard (tough) grippers; both hands to hydrostatic failure

"It hurts us, precious!"

Peace, part two.

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Julie said...

CONduit was awesome, wasn't it? I had the best time...

And, yes, I want "Heirlooms" sooner rather than later. Otherwise my hands and your throat may have an appointment.