Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day; Music

Hey, Folks,

Just wanted to give you all a "happy" on my namesake's big day. No need to banish any snakes on my account, though. I'm okay with the reptile folk, myself. Not a huge amount to report on this time. I've been hither, thither, and yon this last week, and the writing hasn't really gone very far in my absence. I hope to get some good work done later this week, though.

It's getting nice outside at last here. I rode my mo-hickle around on Sunday, and may well ride it to work tomorrow. It's dirty, but it's running great.

I'm pissed about some of the jackassery going on in the news. We need to feed a few of the bankers and money men to the hogs, just to get them back around to a realistic world view. I'm surprised that some of the folks that have lost everything haven't gone Death Wish on these dweebs. I know, I don't usually rant here, and I'll stop, but I'm just sayin'...

Now, on to more cool music from Magnatune. This is a short little album, but I dig it. Reminds me of Michael Penn a bit. Check it out:

Little Palaces by Greg Annussek

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