Monday, March 09, 2009

Settled Dust getting closer; The Union Trade


I've had some good critiques for the bulk of "Settled Dust" from my friend Julie Frost, and I'm feeling confident that I can actually pull the project off as a singular whole. I just collected the last part and did yet another editing pass. It'll go out for concrit later this week.

I've got a few "fill in" scenes yet to write, and I've been told to make one segment nastier still. Aye, aye! I will do this. Once I get the corrections and concrit changes put in, I'll be ready to put the whole thing into "pretty" format and send it around to a few more of my readers. If they don't squawk and holler about awful things I've screwed up on, it'll be near the time that I will need to reach out to possible publishers for my little project.

In other news, I found another sweet album at Magnatune. This one's more of a rocker, from a band called The Union Trade. I dig it. Check it out. If you like it, Magnatune will sell it to you for a reasonable price. Hope everyone's well.

Everyday Including by The Union Trade

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